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Sebastian Winkler

Prokurist, COO - Fontanelli GmbH, Trauringschmiede


From advertising partnership to franchise

Interview with Sebastian Winkler

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Sebastian Winkler is an experienced entrepreneur with a versatile expertise in business management, brand management and franchising. Born in Bavaria, he continued his professional path in the city of Cologne.

After a sound education in marketing and computer science, Sebastian discovered his interest in the franchise concept "Trauringschmiede" a few years ago. As head of operations and responsible for the expansion of locations in Germany and other European countries, he enables others to enjoy professional freedom and independence in the franchise sector.

In parallel, Sebastian Winkler is a partner and co-founder of the agency "wilde van rhee", which has 15 years of experience in brand strategy, branding, e-commerce and online marketing. With his expertise, he has helped numerous companies strengthen their brand identity and expand their online presence.

Expertise / Expert knowledge

  • Corporate strategy
  • Brand strategy
  • Product strategy
  • Franchising
  • Branding
  • Online marketing



TRAURINGSCHMIEDE was founded in 2006 and today has over 35 stores in Germany and Austria. Our core competence is engagement rings, wedding rings and diamond jewellery. Our store concept, which we currently use in 37 cities in Germany and Austria in predominantly A-locations, is geared towards the excellent advisory experience of our customers.

Especially in the wedding ring and engagement ring sector, TRAURINGSCHMIEDE plays out the advantages of its positioning. In addition to a 3D wedding ring configurator, there are many specially designed collections and, for example, over 2000 different variations of engagement rings that are offered exclusively to the customer.  Download Flyer