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Marie-Luise Meyer

Managing Director - Hamwa GmbH

Speaker Portrait


- Managing Director Hamwa GmbH
- Digital Business Development Manager Netrocks GmbH
- B. Sc. Business Psychology
- Businesswoman in wholesale and foreign trade Stooker Brands GmbH

Expertise / Expert knowledge

- Mobile Omnichannel and Social Commerce
- User research and UX testing
- Digital natives incl. Gen Z
- Empirical research 
- Market and consumer psychology

Hamwa GmbH

Hamwa is a clip-in solution for stationary retail. Companies can use the mobile app to integrate new sales channels and digital customer loyalty tools and thus create an attractive additional offering for younger target groups (digital natives/Gen Z). App users select a pick-up slot, choose their favorite products/deals from the available range, and pay for the shopping cart using a mobile payment method. Through the clip-in approach, Hamwa offers companies "freedom" to test new products, offer a leaner assortment (only top sellers instead of bums) and increase shopping carts with the help of combination offers while optimizing processes at the same time.   Instagram   LinkedIn

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