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Wolfgang Becker

Executive Board - MHK Group

Speaker Portrait


Diploma in business administration

Banker, 61 years, married, 1 daughter,
Career milestones after graduation: Economic Development Corporation of the State of Hesse, factoring company, with MHK Group AG since 1994, board of directors since 2005, CRONBANK AG board of directors since 2005, IHT Industrie- und Handels Treuhand GmbH as managing director since 1998

Expertise / Expert knowledge

Central regulation and financing of association groups and system headquarters kitchen/furniture/bathroom and various other sectors.


Bank of affiliated groups and system headquarters

CRONBANK is a specialist bank for medium-sized specialist retailers in various sectors and cooperates with the system head offices to offer members financial concepts tailored to their needs; CRONBANK is a self-confessed niche provider.