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Nadine Brenner

Director Business Development - BKM.Mannesmann AG

Speaker Portrait


Discovered a passion for franchising while still a student
First franchise licence sold 2003
Joined Rainbow International to recruit franchisees 2008
After takeover by parent company Neighbourly 2015 promoted to Director and took over for the expansion of 2 franchise brands
Part of the European Leadership Team
Participation in the Franchisee Recruitment Committee (from 2015)
Member of the board of the German Franchise Association (2019-2022)
Since August 2023 BKM Mannesmann in business development with a focus on sales process optimisation and expansion of new business areas

Expertise / Expert knowledge

Franchising, especially franchisee acquisition
Business development and sales process design
Marketing and social media management
Strategy and positioning
E-commerce and online trade 
Certified DiSG Coach


BKM Mannesmann AG

BKM.Mannesmann AG from Kamen develops and produces hydrophobing agents for building materials and has been researching for more than 10 years on and with active substances for building waterproofing, facade impregnation, mould removal and floor coating for damp substrates, with the aim of providing holistic and reliable waterproofing systems.

The company bears the legendary name of the Mannesmann family from Remscheid and is represented on the supervisory board by Reinhard C. Mannesmann. He himself began researching building material impregnation for protection against moisture and the associated problems in the 1970s. BKM.Mannesmann AG has taken up this research and technology and further optimised it.