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Marc Lebski

Franchise Expansion Manager - Pommes Freunde Franchise GmbH, Enchilada Gruppe


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Interview with Marc Lebski

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Marc Lebski is an experienced expansion manager for the DACH region at Pommes Freunde Franchise, one of the leading system gastronomy concepts in Germany and part of the renowned Enchilada company group. With his roots in sales at the ALDI SÜD group of companies and his experience in store management, he brings with him a solid foundation in business management and customer orientation.

After a highly successful period as an independent entrepreneur in event catering, he joined Operational Management National at Pommes Freunde Franchise GmbH in 2018. Through his commitment and flair for the ever-evolving trends in the catering industry market, he makes a significant contribution to the company's growth success.

In his current position, he plays one of the crucial roles in the brand's expansion in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Marc is instrumental in identifying new locations, selecting franchisees and developing strategies to increase business success.

Expertise / Expert knowledge

  • Expansion Management DACH Region
  • Concept Marketing
  • Store Development
  • Process Further Development
  • Location and potential analyses


Pommes Freunde Franchise GmbH

The franchise premium fast food concept was founded in Munich in 2009 and currently has over 50 locations throughout Germany and Austria. The focus of the dishes is on street food: fries, burgers, hot dogs, currywurst - made from fresh and high-quality ingredients and prepared right in front of the guest. The company attaches great importance to sustainability and stands for the mindful enjoyment of meat. That is why POMMES FREUNDE always offers a vegetarian or vegan alternative to all meat dishes at all locations.

Unique selling points are the fresh French fries made from whole potatoes and the ten Belgian sauces available free of charge. POMMES FREUNDE stands thereby expressly for Premium Fast Food, central is thereby the philosophy to use for the courts only best ingredients. The fresh fries are made from whole potatoes that are never frozen, the sausage, for example, is "Made in Germany" and comes from a family business. With all suppliers, POMMES FREUNDE focuses on quality and specifically selects the producers. Standard in all POMMES FREUNDE stores is the open kitchen, here the guest experiences the complete production process and can interact at any time - this is what POMMES FREUNDE understands by maximum transparency.